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Meet the Founder

Felecia Phillips Ollie DD (h.c.) is a visionary leader and the driving force behind The Equality Network LLC (TEN). With a wealth of experience as an IDI Qualified Administrator, transformative coaching guru, former airline employee, and world traveler, Felecia brings a unique perspective solutions to the world of intercultural competence and inclusivity.

As the Founder of The Equality Network, Felecia combines her diverse background, which includes a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Communications and a successful career as a news personality, to administer transformative methodologies such as the IDI and ICS. Her approach goes beyond assessments; she engineers cultural transformations by leveraging her extensive knowledge and resources.

What truly sets Felecia apart is her unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity. Her journey spans continents and cultures, reflecting her dedication to embracing diversity and a global mindset. From graduating from Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) to joining Phi Mu at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and embarking on meaningful spiritual pursuits at Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity, Felecia’s life experiences have shaped her mission rooted in love for all people.

Felecia has demonstrated her passion for driving diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond the ordinary with a remarkable legacy that includes spearheading groundbreaking initiatives like the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Equal Employment Opportunity Program and driving the state’s inaugural Model Diversity Plan.

Join Felecia on this exciting journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future. Through The Equality Network, she leads the charge in creating lasting impact for individuals, communities, and organizations—promoting equity for all.

Transformative Solutions for Equity and Inclusion

Our Comprehensive Solutions

Unlocking cross-cultural success through assessments, coaching, and resources for cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership.


Gain valuable insights into your cultural awareness, adaptability, and communication skills with our globally recognized assessments.

Discover your strengths and areas for growth in navigating diverse cultural landscapes with confidence and effectiveness. Uncover hidden biases, learn to adapt your behaviors, and enhance your ability to collaborate and connect with people from different backgrounds.


Our expert coach specializes in empowering leaders to foster inclusive work environments through personalized coaching sessions.

Gain practical strategies and tools to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion within your teams and organizations. Develop self-awareness, enhance empathy, and learn effective communication techniques to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.


Identify your preferred approach to managing intercultural conflicts and better understand conflict dynamics in multicultural settings.

Uncover your strengths and weaknesses in conflict resolution and acquire skills to navigate challenging situations with cultural sensitivity. Build stronger relationships, enhance collaboration, and transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding.


Access a wealth of curated resources centered around the ten key learning opportunities for intercultural development.

Access a wealth of curated resources and practical strategies for effective cross-cultural communication and cultural competence. Expand your knowledge, deepen your understanding of different cultures, and develop skills to confidently navigate cultural nuances. Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in intercultural development.


Collaborate with our experienced consultants who will work closely with you to design tailored strategies and initiatives.

Create inclusive cultures, foster diversity, and drive long-term success within your organization. Benefit from a deep understanding of your unique organizational challenges and receive customized guidance to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Leverage our expertise and insights to create a culture where diverse perspectives thrive, innovation flourishes, and productivity soars.


Our specialized coaching service focuses on enhancing your intercultural communication skills and equipping you with strategies for constructive conflict resolution in multicultural settings.

Our expert coaches will guide you through personalized sessions to develop cross-cultural communication competencies, strengthen your cultural sensitivity, and build empathy for others’ perspectives. Learn techniques to effectively navigate cultural differences and foster understanding, promoting harmony and collaboration across diverse teams. Gain the confidence and tools to resolve conflicts positively and respectfully, turning them into opportunities for growth and improved relationships.


Our approach is to “roll up our sleeves” and provide “tailored solutions" for clients.

Our approach is to “roll up our sleeves” and provide “tailored solutions for clients.” We jump in the line of fire on controversial decisions and fall on the sword if things go wrong.


Our experts commit to one project at a time - your project!

The Equality Network’s experts accept one project at a time – your project! This allows you to have a dedicated team of experts who are unbiased and working to resolve your specific challenge.


We Impose limits and make sure projects are timely.

We impose limits and make sure projects are of defined length, and that our consultants provide frequent updates and check-ins.

“A leader… is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the nimblest go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind. “

Nelson Mandela