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Today, we launch our trailer for a new season of Don’t Call Me Resilient, our podcast that takes on the ways racism impacts our biggest news stories and also permeates our everyday lives.

The DCMR team has been busy prepping new episodes and next week, we start releasing episodes for season 7, taking our anti-racist lens to the news unfolding around us and the issues occupying a lot of our minds these days. From big cultural moments, like the Oscars, to the scary spread of AI and the ongoing impacts of climate change, to the devastating war in Gaza: we’ll be on it, in our signature way.

Thank you for following along with us through all six seasons! And thank you to the audience members who filled out our DCMR audience survey. The results tell us what we already guessed, but now know: our audience is loyal and active and engaged. And many of you say you learn something new with each episode.

Whether you are a loyal listener or have not heard an episode yet, follow us, so you don’t miss our first episode. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

Most listened to episodes were about polarization

You can catch up and listen to last season. Our season 6 most listened to episodes were about the intense polarization within our institutions.

One episode featured the conflict in Gaza and we spoke with a historian whose family was taken hostage by Hamas, and a geographer with family in the West Bank. They got together to discuss a way forward.

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The second episode was about political polarization in the United States, and why racialized people are upholding white supremacist ideologies that work against them. Prof. Daniel Martinez HoSang of Yale University joined us to explain the rising popularity of the far right with people of colour – what he calls multicultural white supremacy.

Catch up on the past six seasons of DCMR:

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We’d love to hear from you, including any ideas for future episodes. Keep up with our podcast and chat with us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #DontCallMeResilient or tag us @dontcallmeresilientpodcast. Or join The Conversation on X, and follow our sister stories on The Conversation’s Instagram. You can also now follow the podcast on YouTube.

Season 7 credits: Vinita Srivastava is the host and producer. Ateqah Khaki and Dannielle Piper are associate producers. Jennifer Moroz is the consulting producer. Krish Dineshkumar is our sound editor. Theme music: Zaki Ibrahim, Something in the Water.

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