Cathe Friedrich’s Gym Style Chest & Triceps DVD


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Cathe Friedrich’s Gym Style: Chest & Triceps workout DVD for women and men – This intense at-home weight training exercise DVD will thoroughly challenge your chest and triceps with gym style, straightforward exercise selections at their best!  Building lean muscle mass will not only help to improve your overall physique, but it will also help to raise your metabolic rate to help you burn fat and burn more calories even when your muscle is at rest. You’ll  kick-off your workout with a power-packed 20 minute chest routine starting with drop sets of push-ups to get a TOTAL pump in your chest. From there you will begin tried and true chest exercises with a heavy weight and controlled rep speed with moderate rest between sets.  Your chest muscles will be on fire,  but the workout doesn’t stop there! After the final weight set for chest, you’ll move right into a 20-minute triceps segment. Here you’ll target the backside of the arms with weights and with rubber resistance using your band.  The weights will pump up your triceps and you’ll follow up with a band burn to finish off the muscle with a fiery sizzle! If you’re ready to build a strong, chiseled upper body, grab your weights and let’s go!

Equipment Needed: step with risers (or weight bench), barbell, various dumbbells, medium tension resistance band

Workout Times:

  • Warmup – 4:00
  • Chest – 20:00
  • Triceps – 20:00
  • Stretch – 4:00
  • Total – 48:00

Cathe’s Gym Style Chest & Triceps upper body workout DVD is approximately 48 minutes in length and will provide you with a very intense and thorough upper body workout
You will start your chest workout with drop sets of push-ups to get a TOTAL pump in your chest
After push-ups you will go on to standard, yet tried and true, exercises with a heavy weight and controlled rep speed (mostly a 2/2 count) with moderate rests between sets
Triceps will leave you equally pumped and challenged. Especially with the inclusion of the band bonus burns, yowsa!
Includes 2 additional workout premixes with various time options to fit your busy schedule

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